Half a delegate is better than none at all

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No one knows better than me how crazy politics can get sometimes. I didn’t want anyone to know, but I won half a delegate last week. That got me to 1,276.5 total delegates.

For a very pragmatic reason, the Democrats Abroad expatriate group were awarded delegates with half a vote. We set it up that way so that more delegates could attend the convention and think they were important by being there, but not inflate the vote.

These Democrats voted by sending in faxes, using the Internet, and by mail. Barack Obama got 3 delegate votes, and I got 1.5. The total is four and a half votes split among nine delegates. Call me crazy, but that’s new math, Democrat style.

So, I ended up with half a delegate vote. Not half a delegate, though some of them are half wits.

This is where it gets confusing. It’s embarrassing to have just half a delegate (vote), so we didn’t say anything about it, and the Obama camp doesn’t count too well and probably didn’t understand the complexity of this Democrats Abroad thing, so they didn’t say anything, either.

Today I picked up yet another half delegate from the SuperDelegates of Democrats Abroad. Obama got four delegates and I got one, which is really half, so I simply added the new half delegate vote to my total, and instead of 1,276.5 delegates, I’ve got an even 1,277 delegates, which isn’t really an even number, but it’s close enough and just sounds so much better than half a delegate.

Still, half a delegate is better than no delegate at all.

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