Long live Ralph Nader

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Politics never fails to amaze me. Just when you thought a political candidate was long dead and buried, he rises like a phoenix from the ashes to inspire the electorate. Well, maybe just inspire Tim Russert and the wags that watch Meet the Press.

Ralph Nader is at it again. The man is positively the anti-Marion Berry of politics, all goody-two-shoes about it, and working the press like Jerry Brown, but with more hair. All I can say is, “Go for it, Ralph. May the Force be with you.”

What this season of campaigns for President really needs is more viable fringe candidates. Dennis Kucinich was the Democratic fringe, and Ron Paul was the Republican fringe, though neither is intellectually viable, being mere examples of The Little Engine That Could (but not) class of campaigns.

The way I figure it is this– Barack Obama’s whole presidential campaign is pure fringe. Spiritual, yes. Substantive, no. Change, yes. Intellectual, no. Ralph Nader brings to the presidential campaign everything that Obama’s campaign lacks. Once voters see the differences, the effete intellectual faction and those that want to be, will migrate to Nader’s latest lost cause.

All we need is about 10-percent to defect to the other dark side. Long live Ralph Nader.

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