Throwing in the towel

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Alright, I praised Barack Obama during last night’s presidential debate. More than once. Is that so bad? I felt sympathy for the guy and figured he needed a few good words to build up his spirits. He looked so down and out of it all through the debate. He stammered and stuttered and struggled to complete a sentence.

These campaigns can be grueling. I know a thing or two about gruel.

But in no way was my praise a sign of Obama Fever spreading to the Clinton campaign. In no way am I throwing in the towel and calling it quits. Not today. Not next week. Not never. Well, never say never, of course. After all, it is politics.

If the truth be told then I’m simply doing what I see Mike Huckabee doing to John McCain. Frankly, those Arkansas boys are very shrewd when it comes to political gamesmanship. John McCain has the Republican presidential nomination all sewn up, locked down, put away.

Why does Huckabee keep running? Why does Huckabee keep saying nice things about McCain? Huckabee can’t win, right? The reason Huckabee keeps going is because tomorrow is always a new day. Always. If I were Huckabee I would do the same thing. John McCain is in his 70s already. He’s not a young man. His health is not that good. Tomorrow McCain could wake up dead. Then what?

Who would take McCain’s place on the Republican ticket? Mike Huckabee, that’s who. He’s playing the Vulture Card.

Making nice to Barack Obama is not an example of throwing in the towel. It’s a perfect example of strategy and tactics. Tomorrow Obama could wake up dead. Then what? I’m here. I can be trusted. I’m ready to lead on day one. I want Obama’s supporters to realize I’m their next best agent for change. Their dream will live on in me. I could channel Barack Obama right into the White House.

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