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I’m so sick of presidential debates that I could spit. In public. On national television. The consequence of that would be better than enduring another debate full of endless prattle, mindless questions, and phony platitudes from CNN.

Sure, they call themselves the Best Political Team on Television but you would never know it by the way CNN treated me tonight. What was with that guy speaking Mexican, or Spanish, or Portuguese, or whatever it was? For crying out loud, if ever there was a time for English as a national language, tonight’s debate proved the time is now.

What bothered me most about having that Mexican guy ask questions? It didn’t matter which language he used, I still couldn’t understand what he said. Was he cursing the Clintons? Was he insulting Americans? Was he hitting on me? It’s already happened to me three times this week in Texas.

And where was the CNN translator? How are presidential candidates supposed to come up with appropriate responses in a debate if we don’t even understand the questions? This would not have happened if Patti Solis Doyle was still around. She speaks Spanish. Or Mexican. Or, whatever.

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